Nicolas Dumazet

a.k.a. nicdumz

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Geeks build those all the time

I used to live in busy Tokyo. Home is now Z├╝rich, in the middle of the Swiss mountains.

I work for Google. I spent quite some time with the team in charge of Search Infrastructure behind Image Search. That meant everything which needed to happen in order to serve content on, from crawling to indexing. My current team specializes in Reliability. We run safely and reliably Security Infrastructure backends for Google Cloud and Google-internal applications.

I invested quite some time in my early 20s caring for, and contributing to, Open Source software. Since the decline of Ohloh, there's no great way to showcase such involvement. My resume will tell you the gist of it, along with more of my professional background.

Friends are likely to describe me as someone displaying a peculiar, dry, sarcastic sense of humor. So there's that. I mean, if something on here sounds strange, remember my warning: “it's not you, it's me”.

Oh, and I'm French. Sorry. The only explanation I'll offer for that will come as a little story: I once happened to be waiting out a desert dust storm, philosophing on the meaning of life with a wise, and otherwise very pleasant old lady. Upon hearing of my origins, she commented: nobody's perfect.

There isn't much here, besides a desolated, neglected technical Blog. Maintaining this site is mostly a nice excuse to force myself to read every other year about the latest web trends, though. Responsive. 2.0. All that jazz. Yay. Aren't we excited now.

Curious about things?

I understand

  • This website is hosted via GitHub pages.
  • I believe in plain, static html pages when relevant, which is why this website is purely static. I don't necessarily need to handcraft every single page though, which is why I use a static site generators. The current version uses Jekyll, I used Blogofile in the past.
  • Bulma CSS framework was of great help for layout and styling, since I have very poor UI skills.
  • Source available on Github.
  • Content built using Free Software (Vim, Gimp, Inkscape, ...).
  • Most of the content is available under Creative Commons-By 3.0, please check LICENSE.txt file in the source for details.

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