Visual refresh

I’ve been ignoring for quite some time now warnings from Google webmaster tools. Supposedly, they said, my site wasn’t responsive or mobile-friendly. What do you mean, people actually use smartphones? Fine, I’ll admit, previous setup was a bit clunky, how 2010 of me.

Which framework?

It’s all about frameworks nowadays. So here we are, then. Took the bait. Found a neat, minimalist CSS framework called Bulma. It comes with a couple simple elements and guidelines, and it was quite straightforward to adapt it to have something working for me. Even with a Blogofile-like site doing content generation. Result is mobile and tablet-friendly, almost free of cost.

Colors, next

I’m obviously a poor designer, and decided not to come up with my own color scheme. Colors are from base16, a syntax highlighting scheme which I rely on, everyday, for all Terminal things. This is the flat variant, transposed, as I could, to something web-like.

No Disqus

Comments have also been completely disabled:

  • I don’t imagine or envision this place becoming a very active social forum, requiring that much interaction.
  • So far comments were quite spammy, requiring some moderation, even for this tiny blog (!)
  • More to the point though, Disqus integration added unacceptable extra latency, requiring at times full seconds to load. I find this unreasonable in 2017.

Bye Disqus!