GCP then Github Pages

Earlier this year I spent a fair amount of time trying to setup a Kubernetes cluster on GCP, for fun.

I wanted to learn and undersand better Docker / Kubernetes. I also thought it could be a good idea to serve a private subdomain behind IAP, restricting access to only people meant to access that content.

It definitely kept me busy for a while, and I learned a lot. I feel a little less rusty in terms of modern Webdev. As a result, for a few months nicdumz.fr had been serving from GCP, instead of Digital Ocean. GKE for a static website is absolutely overkill, but then again I had another actual private website around on that cluster, so I thought why not.

What I had not anticipated was the high price of the setup, which ended up costing a little over $100 USD a month, way more than what I want to spent for an educational only, mostly abandoned few websites.

So I took a step back. Shut down all of those fancy things. Instead, as http://github.io/ pages is perfectly able to serve static / generated pages for free, I’ve moved there. Had to migrate from Blogofile to Jekyll, but that only took a rainy morning. Bye bye hosting costs :-)